Diamant de Semilly × Contendro I

Mutter: Verb.Pr.St. Confee
Mutterstamm: Hannover Stutenstamm der Konifere
Sport: Springen
Termin: 2020

Diamant De SemillyLe Tot De SemillyGrand Veneur
Venue Du Tot
Venise Des CreslesElf III
Miss Des Cresles
Verb.Pr.St. Confee Contendro IContender
Falkenshof LandfeeLandstreicher

Diamant de Semilly

Willingness · Strength · Balance · Scope
Exceptional showjumper and sire, he transmits to his offspring his strength, scope, great balance, wonderful canter, suppleness, uncommon ease and super willingness, which make him a dream stallion !

Diamant is ranked since several years best Selle Francais Sire and he is already 5th in the World Sires Ranking (2013 WBFSH Jumping Sire Ranking) ! He combines the power and great ease of his sire, Le Tot De Semilly with the blood of his excellent damline (same as Almé).

Diamant has excellent fertility. OCD free.
2002 World Champion with the French Team
2002 Champion of France
Team Silver Medal at the 2003 European Championships
2003 Samsung Super League Champion
CSIW Grand Prix and Nations Cups

Diamant Offspring
Diamant has already produced more than 1000 jumping winners indexed in France and numerous others in foreign countries. Due to the pourcentage of his offspring indexed in showjumping and the good level of those indexes, Diamant is the SF stallion who improves the most the quality of his offspring ! He has also already produced more than 60 stallions approved in SF studbook and many others in some other studbooks and some among the best, like the 2011 Oldenbourg Champion of the stallions (cf. Diamant x Phin Phin) and Diarado, the 2007 Holsteiner Champion of the stallions.

Emerald (Diamant x Carthago)
Diarado (Diamant x Corrado I)
Pacino (Diamant x Muguet du Manoir)
Quickly De Kreisker (Diamant x Laudanum)
Niack De L’Abbaye (Diamant x Rocky du Carel)
Breeding Suggestions
Diamant De Semilly will bring size, scope, balance, good attitude and technique and a strong back. He will bring some blood, but works best with a blood mare. Avoid very big mares. Diamant has a french breeding index for jumping of +30 (0.99), ranking him an elite sire.

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Verb.Pr.St. Confee

DE 441411199809

  • Braun, geb. 2009, 167cm
  • Direkter Stamm zu Prinzess /Markus Beerbaum & Falkenhof’s Lover Boy/Felix Hassmann
  • Verbandsprämie

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