Don VHP Z × Quidam de Revel

Mutter:  Que Sera
Mutterstamm: Merrielijn 128
Sport: Springen
Termin: 12.05.2024

Don VHP ZDiamant de SemillyLe Tot de Semilly
Venise des Cresle
Sara van het ParelshofVoltaire
Que Sera 19Quidam de RevelJalisco B
Cornita ZCarthago

Don VHP Z (Sieger 5*Grand Prix)

Don VHP Z is a horse with exceptional charisma, intelligence and presence. With his fantastic results he is a stallion in great demand with the breeders.

We know Don VHP Z as vice European Champion and winner of major CSI5* Grand Prix’s, such as that of GCT Hamburg, Grand-Prix Rome and his numerous flawless Nations Cup performances, not to forget jumping double clear at the FEI Nations Cup Final of Barcelona with his rider Harrie Smolders to clinch the win for Holland. Don VHP Z has a percentage of 86% clear rounds in 1.60m courses. Few horses will equal that.

SIRE: Diamant de Semilly is the sire of this extraodinary stallion. Diamant de Semilly was an exceptional showjumper and is a proven sire! Born in 1991 out of Le Tot de Semilly x Elf III. Diamant won team gold at the World Championship in 2002 at Jerez de la Frontera and individual 9th place in the final , 2002 team gold , 2003 team silver European Championship in Donaueschingen. He also won numerous Grand prix’s including GP Saint-Lo and GP Caen. Several descendants of Diamant de Semilly are active at the highest level.

DAM: The dam is Sara van het Parelshof (Voltaire x Ramiro) born in 1995. From this dam line there are several international jumping horses, including HH Carlos Z ridden by McLain Ward. This combination won many big classes. Carlos was retired from the sport in 2017. Despite her age, the dam is still used for breeding at Stoeterij ‚t Merelnest in Belgium

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L.St.-Spr. & Verb.Pr.St. Que Sera

DE 441411945007

  • Braun, geb. 2007, 1,71m
  • Stamm Merrielijn 128, fokfamilie 404
  • Leistungsstute Springen Westfalen
  • Verbandsprämie
  • Que Sera ist in FEI Springen 1,40m erfolgreich
  • Erwartetes Fohlen 2024 v. Don VHP Z

Muttestamm/Damline: Que Sera entstammt dem niederländischen Stamm Merrielijn 128, fokfamilie 404
Que Sera war in FEI Springen /1,40m erfolgreich.

Lanita v. Emilion,
Guilty D v. Spartacus,
Cantanita S v. Canturo
Ornita v. Marco Polo
Lanita v. Sinaeda
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Garnita v. Ahorn

Hollywood v. Bernstein
Camillo v. Cambinus
Camillus v. Cambinus/Prämienhengst
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Butter Scotch v. Verdi (int. Spr. 1.45m)
D’Arnita v. Vingino (Spr. 1.60m)
Ellanita v. Wittlinger VDL (Spr.1.30)
Elbertnita v. Campbell VDL (Spr.1.40m)
Engeltje Reuvekamps v.Warrant (Spr.1.35m)
Ebart Nita v. Zavall VDL / CIC2*
Garnita v. Uniek (Spr.1.30m)
Garant v. Nimmerdor (Spr.1.30m)
G-Star du Cartier v. Cartier v d Heffinck (int. Spr.1.45m)
Guilty D v.Spartacus TN (Spr.1.30m)
Gustaaf v. Sheraton (Spr.1.35m)
G & C Wolf v. Harley VDL (int.Spr.1.50m)
Haston Nita v. Zirocco Blue VDL (Spr.1.35m)
Irnita v. Nimmerdor (int.Spr. 1.50m)
Loverboy v. Fedor (int. Spr.1.60m)
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My Lord v. Lord Z (int. Spr.1.40m)
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Nushuaja v. Numero Uno (Spr.1.35m)
Ornito v.Uniform 8Spr.1.30m)
Quanta Costa v. Corland (Spr.1.30m)
Que Sera v. Quidam de Revel (Spr.1.40m)
Reuvekams Westerstorm v. Guidam (Spr.1.45m)
Rochester v. Calvados (int. Spr.1.50m)
Sarnita v. Kingston / CIC 2*
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Wang Chung v. Royal Bravour (int. Spr.1.60m)
Windsor v.Hinault (Spr.1.30m)
Zonnedauw v. Solitair / CCI 1*,