Blue Hors Don Romantic × Fürst Heinrich

Mutter: Fürstin
Mutterstamm: Westf. Stamm 481, Stamm der Fürstin OLD
Sport: Dressur
Geschlecht: Hengst
geboren: 11. April 2019


Blue Hors Don Romantic Blue Hors Don SchufroDonnerhall
FürstinFürst HeinrichFlorestan I
UrmelUpan la Jarthe

Don Romantic

Rideability, willingness to perform, outstandingly active hindquarters and a generous walk: Those are the main traits that Don Romantic passes on. A good example of this is his daughter De la Beaute (below right) who took the Vice Bundeschampion title in 2012, won dozens of tests for young riding and dressage horses, took third place in the 2011 Oldenburg State Championships and was then knocked-down for 80,000 Euros at the Oldenburg Elite Auction. In 2011, the Oldenburg State Champion Daktylius took bronze at the Bundeschampionat under Katrin Burger – he had been sold at the auction as a foal for 50,000 Euros, making him a member of the circle of his many, highly coveted Elite Auction foals that were also knocked-down for high prices in 2012 as well. 

Don Romantic is one of the most successful sires in Denmark. He is, for example, the sire of Prima Donna, the Champion Mare of the 2011 Danish Elite Broodmare Show – with a record score of 10.0 four times. In 2010 he received the Stallion of the Year award at the licensing in Herning after being awarded Elite Stallion status in 2009. His sire, Don Schufro, decorated with an Olympic team bronze medal, produces internationally successful Grand Prix horses in series. Just like Mago xx, the dam’s sire, Romancier, won international Grand Prix tests and comes from the ‘Olympic line’ to which Rembrand, Ahlerich and Rubinstein belong. Don Romantic’s dam line is also the origin of Supermax Ravel, a finalist in European and World Championships. 

Don Romantic, the ecstatic Champion Stallion at his licensing, was also the best stallion at his performance test with a score of 10.0 for rideability. He was awarded a gold medal by the Danish Verband at the age of four that had only been given twice before. He showed enormous talent for collected movements before an injury ended his career. 

Don Romantic: A guarantee for non plus ultra dressage genes

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Verb.Pr.St. Fürstin Antonia

DE 441410397002

  • Rappe, geb. 2002, Stm 1,65m
  • SLP 8,05 
  • Verbandsprämie 
  • Mutter von Die Fürstin/Friederike Hahn PSG/Inter I GER

Fürstin Antonia belegte die SLP mit einer Endnote von 8,05 & trägt den Titel der Verbandsprämie. Fürstin Antonia stammt aus der westfälischen Stutenfamilie der Schilline (v. Sonnenschein-Halt I Hermit-Nektar-Constantin-Cato)
Die Tochter „Die Fürstin OLD“ /Friederieke HAHN (int. PSG/Inter l, Sieger Hagen, Neumünster u. Verden) v. Don Romantik ging über die OLD-Fohlenauktion 2010 zum Schafhof /A.-K. Linsenhoff. Eine weitere Tochter „Fleur Delacoer“ v. Fleury legte ihre SLP mit einer Traumnote von 8,5 ab & ist Trägerin der Staatsprämie.

Dagelfing v. Don Romantik a.d. Fürstin OLD 2009 / Schweiz
Die Fürstin a.d. Fürstin OLD 2010 / M.Rath GER
Die Bavaria a.d. Fürstin OLD 2011/Frankreich
Viva Fürstin v. Vitalis *2018 a.d. Fleur Delacoer (FA Gut Ising 2018)
Danrich v. Danciano *2017 a.d. Fleur Delacoer (FA Schockemöhle 2017)
Golden State*2015 v. Goldberg a.d. Fleur Delacoer (USA)
Don Roman *2012 v. Don Romantik a.d. Fleur Delacoer (Schweiz)

Fleur Delacoer v. Fleury
Premiere v. Landfrieden
Najade v. Lucius xx
Mitta v. Goodtimes
Christa v. Le Mexico
Ivitha v. Candyboy

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